Welcome Home Guihulnganons...

"In The Service Of Guihulnganons..."

That is not just some kind of good motto...
In fact, that is our "mission statement" for the Guihulngan Network!

"In The Service Of Guihulnganons..." is just exactly the purpose we see this site fulfilling!

How may we serve you?

We have some ideas that we think will serve you, but we need your help!

Your thoughts, your needs, your ideas and your inspiration... Your suggestions and desires - we have this site "In The Service Of Guihulnganons..."

This is the one principle that we never want to forget, the Mission of this website! That is why you will see this at the top of every page... "In The Service Of Guihulnganons..."

Guihulnganons are people! Our mission for this site is to serve the People of Guihulngan. Not only the people who live in Guihulngan, but the people who have a piece of Guihulngan living in their hearts! People who live all over the world, both Native and Adopted Guihulnganons! This site is for you!

So welcome home Guihulnganons... The Guihulngan Network is just for you!


Shalom Guihulngan!



In The Service Of Guihulnganons...

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